February 10,2019


I can look back over the years and literally can see how God has moved me to each hurdle, every stumble and every fear. Yes, I said Fear! Ironic? Maybe! Coincidence? Doubtful! I had 3 major fears that seriously ate at me every day. Through the last decade , 2 have come to fruition. I survived only because I leaned on him. 3 or so years ago, I threw in the towel and learned to put that last fear in God's Hands. Greatest decision ever!

Discovering my Gift

The very first IMAGE CAPTURED. An Angel, middle to left bottom corner. Light hair, 2 wings behind he

The first time I heard OUR Father's Whisper, I was going through a rough and changing time in my Life.

  I came to a stoplight and literally heard God's gentle but directive voice tell me to take a picture of the sky after having an in depth heart to heart with my Niece, discussing God, Jesus and belief in Angels. That conversation was The very night before, so without even second guessing I blindly held my phone out the window, aimed to the sky and clicked off a few frames. Needless to say, I was beyond curious and pulled over to take a quick look at what was in these pictures. Astonished, I saw what I thought looked like an Angel in cloud form. At that moment I had no idea He was to grace me with this ability as MY GOD GIVEN GIFT.

Faith as big as a mustard seed.


I had been Saved by the Blood of Jesus since I was 8 years old. I knew about Him, loved Him but until that final straw, I never knew GOD himself ( The Holy Spirit ) could interact with us. As time went by and my crisis's didn't seem to let up, I began calling out to him more and more. I then realized what Faith was and expected to hear from Our Beloved Creator and Savior as if he were a Dear Friend. Don'tcha know he showed up frequently and when I felt him, The Holy Spirit in my heart, I would hold my camera up just as I did that first day. The Images became more intense as the years have gone by and the detail unbelievable. He began prompting me when I was with or without witnesses. He somehow answered direct prayers with Images ,to comfort others, upon MY REQUEST. He shows his sense of humor by whipping up silly Images as well. I have captured Elk, Dogs, Cats and even a stick figure jogger for my Niece that was attempting her first race the coming weekend. Our God, is also OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN....therefore I deemed it appropriate to name my Ministry ART thy Father.

My mission


I want to establish the understanding with you that I DID NOT begin ability or dream it up. He, GOD Blessed me with THE GIFT. My life will never be the same. Sometimes Friends, Family and co-workers only see what they want to see in us, o.k. or have time to. However, I am here to encourage anyone and everyone to look past the negative remarks or doubt. It is our destiny to learn to lean on our Creator. To be his servant, bring others to Jesus and be a positive influence to our Brothers & Sisters in THE WORLD.

This is the Mission I am choosing!

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